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Welcome to the ROSE online information portal for refugee and asylum-seeking healthcare professionals, the agencies supporting them and employers. The aims of this website are:

  • To provide information on the requirements for UK registration for refugee and asylum-seeking health professionals (RHPs).
  • To provide advice and resources to help RHPs become safe practitioners in the UK.
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Skills of refugees

Refugees have made a huge contribution to UK society in the last century.

Department for Work and PensionsÂ’ research has found that there is a higher proportion of qualifications and skills among asylum seekers and refugees than among the UK population. Sadly, this group don’t always end up working in their chosen profession, as their qualifications may not be transferable, or employers may be wary of hiring them. In hard economic terms, 2001 government figures show that the foreign-born population generated 10% of UK GDP. That’s about five times as much as North Sea oil.

If you would like to know more general information about refugees and asylum seekers, please see the Refugee Council website